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Col. Tony Schaefer was on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to talk about recent allegations  thatformer  Deputy CIA  Director Mike Morell altered the Benghazi talking points to push a false narrative that would help Obama win the 2012 election.

Schaefer, a Senior Fellow with the London Center For Policy Research, told Fox’s Steve Doocy that Morell not only lied to Congress – he lied to his own people – “he played a Jedi mind trick on the CIA.” Schaefer declared.”Because he was so committed to the lie he said, ‘these are not the terrorists you’re looking for.’” This, Schaefer charged, makes Morell “essentially a co-conspirator with al Qaeda – directing the search in the wrong direction.” That’s why, he explained, “we’re 18 months down the road and not one person has been held accountable for this, nor has anybody been captured.”

As for Morell’s motive for pushing the false narrative, Schaefer wasn’t sure if he was trying to help Obama or protect Hillary Clinton, “but he has been rewarded.” Morell now has a plum position at the Clintons’ Global Strategies company.

Schaefer and Doocy agreed that Congress needs to call this man up to testify before a hearing, post haste. His actions, essentially redirecting the focus of the investigation in the wrong direction, was nothing less than treasonous

Video here

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