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‘You’re about to get a lot more speeding tickets!’ Critics slam ‘Pothole Pete’ Buttigieg’s plan to fix the nation’s roads crisis with MORE speed cameras and lower speed limits that will guarantee fines for drivers

  • Pete Buttigieg announced a plan yesterday to make the nation’s roads safer

  • Tucked away in his 42-page strategy is a promise to promote safety cameras

  • Buttigieg claimed cameras are less racially biased than cops so will patrol more fairly

  • But critics say it’s just a Trojan horse to fine motorists more in the way of speeding tickets 

  • They questioned why Buttigieg wasn’t doing more to fix roads and bridges 

  • Many trashed him using the hashtag Pothole Pete – a reference to when he was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and the city was ravaged by potholes 

  • ‘If we can’t tax you to death, we’ll fine you,’ quipped one critic  

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