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by Ace

Remember Reginald Denny being pulled out of his truck and being beaten unmercifully until he sustained permanent brain damage?

I can’t help notice that this lawful driver got caught by the mob precisely because he was reluctant to just ram his vehicle into thugs trying to drag him out of his car.

I think we should all remember his aversion to responding with violence equal to the mob’s resulted in him being beaten.

And Ron DeSantis’ push to make drivers immune from any liability if they run down a “protester” while fleeing a mob is now shown to be critical.

In the meantime, citizens can do their part by simply refusing to convict anyone, or refusing to vote for a monetary judgement against anyone, brought into court for running down “protesters” acting like lawless bandits.

This BLM “protester” got a dose of instant karma:

Meanwhile: No big deal, just BLM moving to the Violence-Imposed Apartheid part of their racial pogrom program:

By the way: YouTube has banned Steve Inman. I suppose that’s because his videos are claimed to be celebrating violence.

Meanwhile, YouTube and its parent company, Google, continues to celebrate the people actually making violence — BLM and antifa.

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