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by Ace:

Weird how Burn Loot Murder claims it’s against violence by police officers against those who resist lawful arrest, and then immediately starts beating people to death for not respecting their made-up authority to make unlawful arrests.

That is weird, right? That’s not just me?

It’s almost as if this isn’t about civil rights for blacks, but about granting political power to violent, sociopathic street thugs and killers.

“Aggressive protesters,” fixerupper underscores.

Meanwhile, Burn Loot Murder is harassing store clerks about why they… called the police on black thieves, who are, they insist, terribly afraid of police.

But not so afraid of police so as not to shop-lift crap from CVS, huh?

And not so terrified of cops so as not to put them in headlocks and rush for knives, huh?

And not so panicked by cops so as to desist from throwing bottles filled with urine at them, huh?

And just so everyone understands what the Rules of Engagement are:

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