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by Ace


He and all of Fox refused comment for a week. Deb Heine pressured Fox for a question about this on Monday, and now they send this nasty snotty garbage to her.

First he tries to distinguish this from the “call” of Arizona or the “call” of the House for Democrats by saying it was only “an estimate” that Democrats would gain +5 to +15 seats — much different than a “call,” you see.

So don’t think this means that their other calls are garbage.

Bret Baier emphasizes that the decision desk was “correct,” supposedly, in calling the House for the Democrats. He pretends the +5 to +15 Democrat pickup call was just a minor detail.

Again, not part of the “call.” Just part of “an estimate.”

But obviously, with the Republicans almost taking the House — and who knows, we probably did win it, absent fraudulent ballots — Fox did not have anything like the statistical certainty to make a projection of any kind.

Remember the Super Democrat Donor, Arnon Miskin, who said that the channel’s projection of Arizona had four confidence intervals behind it, and was therefore a statistical certainty?

Yeah, Trump is behind (allegedly!) by 12,000 votes out of three and a half million?

That’s what the Fox News decision desk calls four confidence intervals? That’s what they call an unassailable statistical lock?

I imagine the same level of statistical certainty was present with their call of the House for Democrats.

And yet– Republicans either won it or came within a few thousand scattered votes of winning it.

Fox should not have made either call. This is like claiming you have Foolproof Gambling Method for winning at roulette, and then winning a single bet, and saying, “See? I told you, it was foolproof!”

No, it was random luck, asshole. Your “foolproof method” was bullshit, voodoo, and bait for a sucker.

Fox refuses to admit any error whatsoever in its Voodoo Divining of future election news.

They also refuse to admit any error with their garbage, Democrat-skewing, Republican-demoralizing suppression polls.

They refuse to admit any error with the voter surveys — apparently conducted in partnership with AP — which informed their faulty vote projections. Voter surveys which would have been infected by the exact same systematic error due to Trump voters wisely refusing to tell the scalp-hunting media their preferences.

Fox News will do anything to avoid admitting a conservative’s criticism is correct.

They’ve learned quite a bit from their big strong brother CNN.

Bret Baier’s getting some praise for his latest tweet– from self-described liberal Democrats who are now praising Fox for its “bravery” and “patriotism” in acting a surrogates for the Biden campaign.

Remember when Chris Stirewalt defended Fox’s call of Arizona, stating that “voter surveys” were used in connection with vote count to call races?

Yeah, those vote surveys would have featured the same +8 or +10 Democrat bias as polls.

They used garbage polls to “adjust” the actual vote count numbers.

And they continue insisting that they did everything right and if they had to do it all again, they’d do it the same way.

Here’s the thing:

I believe them.

I believe they’ll be out in two weeks with yet more Democrat-skewing suppression polls.

They are incapable of reform, and any corrupt institution incapable of reform must be destroyed, razed to the ground.

FoxNews must be destroyed.

They must be made example.

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