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Seems like the guy was pretty much washed up as far as grifting from the GOP before he decided to try his hand in anti-GOP grifting.

Records demonstrate that as Trump was taking off as a political force, Wilson’s personal financial situation turned dour. The bank was moving in on his house, credit card companies were suing him over debt accrued, and the IRS filed various liens against him for almost $400,000 for back taxes in February 2014. As that happened, Wilson’s political style changed to become anti-Trump instead of continuing with his decades-long history of inflammatory right-wing politics.

Wilson’s The Lincoln Project, a group of Never Trump political consultants running targeted ads attacking Trump this year, has been touting an ad bashing the Confederate flag as a symbol of “treason” against the United States.

…But then some conservatives uncovered social media posts from Wilson and his wife featuring a cooler with a Confederate flag on it as well as the text in one image: “The South Will Rise Again.” Wilson has been feverishly deleting the images from Twitter, and when his wife, Molly–legal name Mary–was confronted by conservative Caleb Hull, she would not deny owning the cooler or disavow the Confederate flag on it. She simply replied “Fuck off” to Hull, per screenshots he posted of his confronting her about it.

Much more at the link. It’s a deep dive into Rick Wilson’s history and finances.

They were in favor of the Confederacy before they were against it.

When they were grifting money from people who didn’t want the Confederate flag made illegal, Rick and Mollie Wilson supported the Confederate flag.

When the revenues from their old grift-targets dried up, they moved to denouncing the Confederate flag as “treason” and anyone supporting the flag as traitors.

That would include them, wouldn’t it?

More from John Sexton, who gives his post the headline, Things appear to be heading South for Rick Wilson.

Glenn Greenwald had fun at Rick’s expense yesterday, retweeting all of Rick Wilson’s inflammatory tweets about Obama, race, etc., that Rick had posted when he was being paid to be an inflammatory twitter asshole for the right instead of an inflammatory twitter asshole for the left.

Clarification: My lawyer informs me that I have to note Rick Wilson’s general defense for his bad behavior: He is, he claims, a “Pirate.”

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