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Tom Maguire:

From CNBC:

Trump denounces white supremacists, ‘racist’ violence days later

Trump had a hard time with this during the primaries when he took a pass on denouncing the KKK and David Duke. This should not be so complicated.

Of course, one thing that I am sure galls Trump is the asymmetry of the media coverage. The antifa share a tremendous responsibility for the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, but who cares? The failing NY Times is characteristically fair and balanced in their coverage of the rise of the far right and the events of the day in Charlottesville:

The next morning, the trouble started early. [Alr-right] Mr. Spencer recalled driving to Emancipation Park with Mr. Kessler [of Unite the Right rally organizer]. They arrived around 10:15 a.m., and were almost instantly met with dissent.

“Met with dissent”? A torrent of progressive ideas, perhaps? Thoughts about the role of free trade in promoting global economic development? Uhh, not exactly:

“As we were going in, I was sprayed with Mace,” Mr. Spencer said. “Someone jumped out of the crowd and I got it in the face.”


We meet someone willing to speak for and about the counter-protestors, sort of:

Some left-leaning Charlottesville organizers like Laura Goldblatt, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Virginia, said that the full airing of such [white supremacist] ideas would eventually lead more Americans to reject them. “I think this is the beginning of the end for this spectacularized part of the movement,” Ms. Goldblatt said.

And her thoughts about the response by the counter-demonstrators?

But Ms. Goldblatt, while not addressing those leftists who resorted to violence, said that some kind of response in the street was necessary. History, she said, has shown that “ignoring white supremacy, in terms of shutting your doors and not coming out to confront them, has been a really dangerous strategy.”

“Not addressing” the leftist violence? I can see the reporter pushed hard. I imagine this tough exchange:

“Some sort of response to these right-wing nutjobs was appropriate.”

“Was it appropriate to mace and assault them?”

“I’m not talking about that”.

Whatever. We hear from another progressive:

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