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The New York Times is now reporting  former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker has resigned from the FBI.  This follows a similar announcement for Lisa Page.

James Baker and Lisa Page were part of the “fab five” (Baker, Page, Strzok, Ohr, Priestap) previously suspected as cooperating with IG and FBI INSD investigators in exchange for some form of process leniency.  James Baker was removed from his position as FBI Chief Legal Counsel on December 21st, 2017.  He has been holding down some previously unknown position inside the FBI until today.

WASHINGTON — Two top F.B.I. aides who worked alongside the former director James B. Comey as he navigated one of the most politically tumultuous periods in the bureau’s history resigned on Friday.

One of them, James A. Baker, served as the F.B.I.’s top lawyer until December when he was reassigned as the new director, Christopher A. Wray, began installing his own advisers. Mr. Baker had been investigated by the Justice Department on suspicion of sharing classified information with reporters. He has not been charged.

[…] Mr. Baker said in a telephone interview that he would be joining the Brookings Institution to write for Lawfare, its blog focused on national security law. (read more)

The New York Times (Michael Schmidt) focuses a great deal of energy attaching James Baker’s current perspective to James Comey as opposed to Andrew McCabe.  Remember, Schmidt was the leak recipient from Comey via Benjamin Wittes (loyalty articles etc.).

Additionally, Baker going to work for Wittes at Lawfare..

(Hi Ben!)

….indicates he has NOT been granted prosecutorial immunity.   If James Baker had immunity as part of his cooperation deal he would not be going to work for Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Additionally x2, this relationship solidifies our previous analysis that the Lawfare group was/is far more involved in the overall conspiracy scheme than all other reporting was highlighting.  The Lawfare group were the ‘outside government’ team who were coaching the DOJ/FBI “small group” on how to execute the “Insurance Policy”.

It is transparently obvious from the way this NYT story is framed (Schmidt), that James Baker is seeking to hug up against James Comey for all pending legal issues.  This puts Andrew McCabe on the outside of the circled-wagon defenses.

Big news.

Additionally x3, this also indicates the IG report is rapid toward its conclusion, and also indicates that federal prosecutor John Huber is not granting immunity to the cooperating group.

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