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There’s a lot of talk about a DACA deal in Congress. Trump supporters are left wondering how true to his campaign promises he will stay. It seems as though conflicting reports come out every day now about Trump’s stance on immigration reform.

Still, most of the Trump supporters I see have faith in Donald Trump and a number think he’s playing 4D chess. Spoiler alert, he’s not. Donald Trump is actually handling resistance and stagnation in Congress. And it appears a compromise is in the works. It’s not 4D chess, it’s choosing what ground you are willing to concede and what goals you prioritize achieving.

The Priorities

The GOP side seems split on the priorities. While a border wall is the most known, Trump is very concerned about ending chain migration in favor of a more merit-based system.

The supposed DACA Deal will likely weigh one of these priorities over the other, especially as Democrats oppose both. The Democrats have been campaigning hard on DACA, which shows that this is their practical priority. They believe there is enough public pressure to cause Republicans to bend on DACA.

This is to say that for the time being, Democrats likely aren’t going to push for amnesty. Trump would be committing political suicide to his most rational supporters if he were to favor DACA and amnesty for a border wall and merit-based migration. That being said, Democrats will likely wait until they have the Whitehouse to make that push, or they conveniently won’t support it like DACA during the Obama years.

The Willingness

Some Democrats have expressed great willingness to build a “high tech” wall in exchange for DACA. However, I think the greatest resistance to such a deal will come from Ted Cruz and a band of followers. They won’t be willing to compromise on DACA so easily. The far-far left will likely feel the same way, unwilling to compromise on a border wall or an end to chain migration, let alone any deportations.

So it will likely depend on all of the Senators in the middle, and I haven’t even gotten to the House yet. If Paul Ryan is on board, then he can swing a lot of leverage, however, this might be bad for him in the primary. In similar fashion, Democrats are boasting about taking the House back in 2018. Republicans who compromise on immigration may not receive as much support come November.

The Trump

By the looks of it, Trump is dangling DACA over the heads of Democrats trying to get their support for his legislation. Trump had enough sense to decline whatever deal came his way. I’ve seen criticisms about Trump wanting to sign any immigration bill, but it appears this claim is so far unfounded. That’s good that Trump does have some principled priorities but they don’t seem the exact same as the ones he campaigned on. He still seems a little shaky on his staunch stance. All indications show that Trump is more than willing to cave to Democrats wishes on DACA for his own political gain.

The Votes

Democrats are consistent in their policies. If the unborn could vote, abortion would be abolished. If the “Dreamers” are explicitly given the right to vote, they will more than likely vote for those who gave them that right. It’s the same reason why Democrats push for amnesty. It’s all about securing the votes of groups, identity politics. This is what the Democrats want. If you think they genuinely care about these people, just look at how much voting blue accomplished for predominantly black inner cities.

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