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National Review:

Steve Doocey: Another bombshell in the ongoing Clinton e-mail scandal. Newly released interviews from the FBI’s investigation into the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server show that a number of boxes of printed e-mails of Mrs. Clinton’s have gone missing. This as we learn that a top official at the State Department put pressure on staffers to change e-mail classifications to keep them hidden . . . Clinton’s communications from the freedom of information requests. There were a lot of them.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: They’ve printed up a bunch of them, put them in bankers boxes and now two of the boxess are missing. Remember, when this was first discovered and she was ordered to return all her e-mails to the State Department, on her own, she decided to return the work-related ones. That’s problem number one.

Under the law, when you work for the government, all your e-mails belong to the government. The government decides which you get to keep as personal and it gets to keep. She reversed that. She didn’t actually return the e-mails. If you send an e-mail to me and you deleted it and say ‘Judge I need a copy of it,’ I would hit reply and send it back to you electronically — thereby giving you everything you gave me.

What Mrs. Clinton did was to make paper copies of the e-mails and deliver those to her lawyer to go to the State Department. The paper copies do not have on them all the underlying meta data – where they came from, when she received them, were they altered . . . all that stuff was kept from the government.

Now we find, not only did she keep that from the government but somewhere in this process, from her to her aides to her lawyers to the state department, to the FBI, two of the twelve boxes of paper e-mails are gone.

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