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by Luis Cornelio

YouTube’s election interference couldn’t be any more clear, as it continues to censor President Joe Biden’s primary challenger.

YouTube decided to yet again remove a video interview of Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, citing an alleged violation of its “Community Guidelines.” The 48-minute interview, conducted by O’Keefe Media Group CEO James O’Keefe, delved into topics contentious to the approved narrative of the Biden regime, including COVID-19, the First Amendment and the collusion between Big Tech and the federal government to assault free speech. O’Keefe, often a subject of Big Tech censorship himself, took to Twitter to condemn the news.

“YouTube removed this video for ‘medical misinformation,’” O’Keefe said on July 28, before sharing the full video on Twitter. “Thankfully, you can still watch it here on the public square.” In a separate tweet addressed to YouTube CEO Neal Mohan, O’Keefe asked, “Tell me where in the video it hurt you @nealmohan.” O’Keefe additionally shared the interview, titled “Lawsuits, Anthony Fauci, Fear, FBI, Becoming Commander-in-Chief and more!” on Rumble, a video-hosting platform that opposes draconian censorship.

During the interview, O’Keefe and Kennedy Jr. spoke of Big Tech censorship and Kennedy shared a dire warning about the weaponization of government. He said that fear is being used “to engineer compliance of Americans with things that most people would not put up with under normal circumstances not — censorship we all know that it’s wrong,” RFK Jr. said. “There’s never been a time in history when the good guys have been the ones who are censoring people.”

RFK Jr. also called out the un-American nature of the censorship assault. “Americans know, you know, innately that we’re not supposed to that the government is not supposed to censor us,” the Democratic candidate for president added. “[Y]et we put up with it we said, ‘Okay those guys are scaring us and we need to shut them up. The Constitution doesn’t have a pandemic exception. The First Amendment doesn’t have a pandemic exception.”

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