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A murder suspect in Minneapolis killed himself as police closed in on him. The man was black and shot himself in front of several bystanders. Minutes earlier, he shot and killed a man in a parking garage. About 90 minutes after the shooting, police announced that it was not a police-involved shooting. A person with a megaphone went through downtown to make the same announcement.

“Protests” began anyway and devolved into looting and vandalism as soon as night fell. Any excuse works.

These people are simply criminals. Democrats don’t know the difference between criminals, rioters, and protesters, but they want to run the country.

Minnesota governor Tim Walz declared a state of emergency in Minneapolis and said the National Guard would be deployed in the area.

This grand theft and violence aren’t about black victims. They’re about stealing and causing violence.

In this first clip, they are strolling into Saks to loot, after they smashed the window.

The looters also hit a liquor store and a medical arts building.

Mayor Frey issued a curfew and said, “This is a tragic incident for all involved. What the city needs now is healing, not more property destruction.”

Healing??? Is that what he thinks this is about? Seriously?


The mayhem is going on in blue cities and it’s being encouraged by our own vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris — Willie Brown’s former squeeze.


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