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The G7 outcome was politically important to left-wing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.  In the days leading up to the summit, their leftist political ideology took a hit when Doug Ford’s conservative movement won in the Ontario Province.   Trudeau and Chrystia needed a G7 win.

As a consequence, Justin from Canada needed U.S. President Trump to sign-on to the G7 communique, giving the summit the appearance of influence and success.

The win was needed for domestic political consumption; however, there were/are massive trade issues as an outcome of NAFTA and both Canada and Mexico structuring their economies as pass-through manufacturers of Chinese, Asian and European goods to gain access to the coveted U.S. Market.

Team Justin/Chrystia played the “ally card” diplomatically requesting G7 support. Team Trump was willing to give Team Justin/Chrystia the optics of a political win in the G7 communique as a diplomatic showing of ‘good faith‘, and set aside the larger conflict of the trade dispute for another day.  However, moments after they achieved the needed validity, after gaining the U.S. G7 support, Justin/Chrystia dropped the diplomatic approach and went back to public political trade antagonism and confrontation.

That’s the ‘stab-in-the-back’ aspect.

For months Chrystia and Justin have been playing politics with their U.S., Mexico and Canada (NAFTA) trade negotiations.  Chrystia and Justin traveling all over the U.S., meeting with liberal comrades and lobbying Washington DC politicians.

Justin and Chrystia were/are counting on their allies in the globalist, Wall Street, multinational corporate community -including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce- to align with their economic needs and stand in opposition to President Trump and Team U.S.A.

They really don’t have a choice.

In the past 25 years all manufacturing and investment into Mexico and Canada has been reliant on their position to exploit the NAFTA loophole; the backdoor access to the U.S. market. If Trump shuts down that loophole, and brings the manufacturing and assembly back to the U.S., investment North and South of the U.S. border will drop exponentially and the Canadian and Mexican economies will likely shrink rapidly.

Overlaying this economic threat is politics.  President Trump is an economic nationalist, who understands -with great specificity- how U.S. market access has been exploited to enrich multiple nations not just Mexico and Canada.  Trudeau and Chrystia are economic globalists; parasites who have an inherent outlook that is not about doing the harder work of establishing self-sufficient economic models, but rather exploiting opportunities to take advantage of positioning.  In essence: conservatism -vs- liberalism.

To retain their political place they must remove the threat to their constructs.  President Trrump is an existential threat to the EU, Canada and Mexican economic schemes.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.  Thus Chrystia Freeland and the EU Trade Commissioner Cecelia Malström call themselves “sisters in trade“.   The only weapon they have to use against President Trump is politics.  That approach is why all retaliatory measures on tariffs pour through the primary filter of politics.

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