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by Ace

Biden — the moderate, centrist candidate of NeverTrump — has nominated a Marxist as the nation’s top bank regulator, and she’s announced she wants to “transform” the banking system.

While running for president, Joe Biden campaigned as a lunch-pail-carrying, blue-collar moderate from Scranton, Pa. But during his short tenure in the White House, Biden has proven himself to be a far-left champion of bureaucracy, reckless government spending and the centralization of economic and political power.The most recent example is Biden’s nomination of Cornell law professor Saule Omarova to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a branch of the Treasury Department.
Omarova is a controversial choice. Born in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, Omarova was educated in the Soviet Union, graduating from Moscow State University in 1989, and as recently as 2019 openly praised various Soviet policies.
Omarova’s university thesis has raised alarm bells. Although no one knows exactly what she wrote in the thesis, its title, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” coupled with her refusal to hand the paper over to members of the Senate Banking Committee, has led many to believe Omarova’s views on Marx are out of step with Americans’ largely pro-market sentiments.
Even more pertinent, Omarova has called for moving most of the consumer banking industry out of private institutions and into the hands of the Federal Reserve.
According to past statements, Omarova’s vision for transforming the U.S. economy involves significant centralization of investment and banking, putting a new public institution in charge, directly or indirectly, of virtually all economic activity.
…If Omarova’s ideas are put into place, a politicized board central planners would effectively be empowered to lord over American society and eliminate many of the liberties inherent in our free-market economic system.

Remember, this is The Regime that the Conservative, Inc. Twitter Smart Set would Restore Our Precious Norms.

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