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by Nick Arama

“It’s the economy, stupid.” That’s a basic statement of fact that politicians ignore at their peril.

But the American people are not liking what they are seeing of the economy right now. That’s not looking good for Joe Biden and the Democrats, especially with a new ABC/Ipsos poll that was taken over the past two days.

More than two in three — 69 percent of Americans — disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of inflation, while 57 percent disapprove of his handling of the economic recovery, according to the poll. Sixty-nine percent is a huge number when it comes to polling. Americans are being hit hard in the pocketbook, they’re not liking it, and they’re rightly blaming Biden.


Almost as important as the economy is crime and whether Americans feel safe in their own communities. That security has been taking a battering, especially in liberal cities. It’s likely resulted in the red-pilling of some liberals when they see how badly Democratic policies on crime and bail have been playing out, and they have to live under that regime. When the crime is at your doorstep from a thug that the Democratic DA let out the door, it’s hard to reason that away.


Biden’s numbers went down across most rubrics, but the dive in their opinion of Biden’s handling of crime was sharp — only about 36 percent of Americans supported him in the ABC/Ipsos poll. That was a dive from 43 percent from their polling in October, so it’s getting worse.

Although the poll has him slightly over water in the handling of the pandemic it’s at the lowest it’s been for him on the subject at 53 percent. And people are more concerned about inflation — another problem for Biden.

Americans are also not trusting Joe Biden when it comes to dealing on the world stage with people like Vladimir Putin. Did the Zoom call he had with Putin help? Not at all, and it’s not hard to understand why when he says things about making an “accommodation” with Putin. 55 percent disapprove of how Biden is handling relations with Russia. That’s another big disapproval number. Only 38 percent trust Biden in dealing with Putin, which is down from 49 percent in June.


The new ABC/Ipsos poll comes on top of a new Wall Street Journal poll that was released this past week on what numbers would be for a potential rematch with President Donald Trump. It has a tight race at 46 percent for Biden and Trump at 45 percent, with that one point being within the survey’s sampling error.

More said they would want to return to the Trump policies at 48 percent to 46 percent saying they would continue with Biden policies.

As we pointed out, there was basically a significant shift in terms of Hispanic support toward Trump. The one percent difference is within the margin of error, and most polls seem to trend to Democrats — so this has to look darn good at this point.

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