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by Ace

NBC News
@NBCNewsEXCLUSIVE: The Biden administration is looking at expanding how it monitors social media sites and chatrooms after U.S. intelligence failed to realize classified Pentagon documents circulated online for weeks, officials briefed on the matter say.

These documents are only “explosive” because they explode the lies the Biden Administration has been telling us. But the public doesn’t have the right to the truth; we only have the right to officially-approved propaganda.

Jimmy Dore does an amusing riff about a New York Times CIA stenographer who claims that, unlike the Snowden Wikileaks documents, these documents are really dangerous and really bad. Both he and Glenn Greenwald, whose analysis he cites, emphasize that the CIA is currently trying to downplay what the Snowden leaks revealed. They seem to to think that this effort is only about denigrating the past leaks, which Greenwald is egotistically invested in (having helped Snowden leak the material).

But that’s not why the CIA stenographer is downplaying the importance of the new leaks. The CIA is downplaying the importance of the new leaks because they know that the only group in America that feverishly supports the National Security State are “progressive” neoliberals, and they know that these same progressive neoliberals supported Snowden for leaking Defense Department documents. The left loved those leaks, as they reduced support for the War in Iraq and for Previous Trump, by which I mean George W. Bush.

The security state is now claiming that those leaks were not so damaging and were pretty much okay, because they know their progressive shitlib fans — again, the only bloc in America who still trusts them — thinks those leaks were “helpful.” And they want to provide the shitlibs with an easy mental construct for explaining to themselves why those leaks were good for America, but these new leaks are Right-Wing Terrorism and Literal Genocide.

You know how liberals claim they had a secret respect for pastRepublican presidents, just to establish their credibility in claiming the new Republican president is the Worst Republican President Ever?

They’re doing the same thing with leaks. Oh, the Snowden leaks were empathetic and rational; we can see how some people liked the Snowden leaks. But the new Republican leaker, he’s the Worst Republican Leaker Ever!

The Biden Administration wants the shitlib population of the country demanding that we execute this new leaker, while easing their sense of hypocrisy and inconsistency about supporting Edward Snowden.

Some riots, insurrections, and leaks The Regime supports or tolerates. Some riots, insurrections, and leaks The Regime despises and wants punished by death.

The Regime wants you to know that it’s okay to consider Snowden a hero while frothing at the mouth to get your hands on the new leaker and murder him by ripping his limbs from his body.

And they want to inflame the already maddened shitlibs about this leak, and get them onboard the Biden Administration’s plan to put America under permanent 24-hour-per-day surveillance by AI — he wants to convince them that the Right-Wing Insurrectionary Forces are so menacing that his shitlib supporters will bless his plan to go Full Soviet.

And of course they will.

David French and the rest of the hardcore authoritarians of NeverTrump will be right there to cheerlead for this. They can’t wait for Big Brother.

Big Brother will protect them from the Dangerous Right-Wing Meme-Makers and Twitter shit-posters.

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