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by Ace

He entered through an open door, he walked maybe 15-18 feet upon the Forbidden Ground of “the People’s House,” he was told to leave, he left.
All in thirty eight seconds.
Biden’s DOJ — who should all face investigations and prosecutions themselves — want to imprison him for years for 38 seconds of “parading.”

He also reported on Douglass Mackey, aka “Ricky Vaughn,” who Biden’s vicious, Stasi DOJ is trying to put in prison for ten years for posting a meme telling Hillary Clinton, “Skip the lines at the polling stations, vote from home. Text 59923 to Vote for Hillary.”
That’s a joke, and any Hillary Clinton voter who was following this far-right Twitter edgelord and who actually believed this tweet — well, let’s just say we don’t need their votes.
But Biden wants to put him in federal prison for ten years. For a tweet.

He also pointed out that the neocon NeverTrumpers and Warmonger Democrats — but I repeat myself, as I so often do — teamed up for a Coordinated Group Ritual Denunciation of Ron DeSantis for saying, with respect to Ukraine, that “peace should be the objective.”
Outrageous stuff from Meatball Ron!

A video was released yesterday showing the “Insurrectionists” peacefully leaving the Capitol the moment the police tell them, “Time’s up, you have to go.”
They thank the police as they leave.
They sure don’t seem to believe they’re committing a violent insurrection.

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