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“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”
– Barack Obama
The Left’s Martha’s Vineyard-loving golden boy warned the world of Joe Biden’s incompetence — as if Biden’s bumbling demeanor, perpetual cloudiness, and vapid deer-in-the-headlights stare on the 2020 campaign trail wasn’t enough to alarm even the most optimistic of voters. It’s taken one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in modern history, and it’s only the beginning of his term, to paint a crystal clear picture for the American people as to who exactly they voted for.
And now it’s too late, as 13 Marines were welcomed home Sunday in caskets.

Biden’s performance over the last two weeks has been nothing short of surreal. Mumbling about how he was “instructed” to take questions from the press and seemingly falling asleep on Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, while disturbing, can almost be laughed off. But choosing to withdraw our troops by September 1 as hundreds of American citizens and Afghan allies possibly remain trapped as hostages is unforgivable. Our European allies, like much of America, are horrified. The icing on the cake is we’ve bequeathed over $85 billion dollars’ worth of military equipment, a parting gift of sorts to the Taliban.
China and Russia are having the last laugh.
Unsurprisingly, Biden has taken the coward’s way out by blaming his predecessor. That he’s overturned most of Trump’s policies, and could very well have changed course in Afghanistan if he had chosen, is apparently lost on him. (The fine print of Trump’s Afghanistan deal varied greatly from Biden’s “plan,” and that is another story entirely.)

While we squabble over pronouns and so-called oppression in the U.S., our enemies are plotting, strengthening, and capitalizing on our national discord. Women and gays in Afghanistan are being systematically mutilated and slaughtered; where are the #MeToo and LGBTQ advocates? Where are the tear-soaked videos of celebrities apologizing? Where’s the Twitter outcry on how callous, unfit to serve, and void of empathy Biden is?
On full, unvarnished display is a decrepit shell of a man in severe cognitive decline, possibly the stupidest, most apathetic leader in American history.

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