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Mika tried to protect Biden — she specifically did not mention the eight women who have filed complaints against Biden for inappropriate touching.

She specifically omitted any mention of the five contemporaneous hearsay witnesses who report that Tara Reade told them about this allegation in the 90s. She certainly didn’t mention Reade’s mother appearing on Larry King to mention the “problems” Tara had had with her “prominent senator” boss.

Mika certainly did not press Biden on his claim that we must believe Christine Blowsey without any evidence at all — and in fact flat denials from the people she claimed were witnesses — or contrast that with the much weightier pile of evidence on Tara Reade’s side.

Instead, she gave Biden an out: Just agree that we can search your University of Delaware records for any mention of sexual harassment.

Mika must have known that any such complaint would have been scrubbed and bleach-bitted long ago.

So she was asking him to consent to a search that she knew would be fruitless. And she was offering him this out by design.

But even so — He still refused, citing preposterous reasoning for his refusal.

And then he just melted down and stared at the camera for an uncomfortable five or six seconds as his senile brain tried to remember what the hell they were even talking about:

Note the odd claim Joe Biden is making: He can’t let anyone search the records for Tara Reade because that search might, accidentally, reveal his positions on public issues.

What a bizarre, incoherent claim! I can’t let you look for papers about my personal transgressions because you might accidentally stumble across papers about my public positions and political stances!

JeffB.’s “worried” that a Democrat might have committed sexual assault.

What a #Warrior.

Note the one name Biden specifically mentions that he doesn’t want his public records to illuminate — Vladimir Putin.

Biden had a different position when Bloomberg was running — at that time, Biden took the position that a candidate should not be permitted any hidey-holes and that maximum disclosure was necessary.

Now, of course, it’s all so much more nuanced.

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