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by Liberty Unyielding staff

LU has commented on this issue before in connection with newspaper “corrections.” The correction used to be a vehicle for journalists to set the record straight in a news story after new information came to light. Nowadays it is viewed as an invitation to the media to lie outright. Falling back on corrections permits reporters to shape the news in ways that serve their left-leaning narrative, then follow up in a later edition with a brief apologia that readers may or may not see. Nowadays the problem is compounded by the fact that so much news is disseminated online. Corrections are easily buried in a tweet.
The existence of twenty-four-hour news has presented another open opportunity for distorting the facts. That opportunity was seized yesterday by White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in an appearance on CNN’s “CNN Newsroom” with with Alisyn Camerota.
In the video that follows Jean-Pierre tells her host that when Joe Biden entered the Oval Office for the first time on Jan. 20, there was no vaccine program in place. According to Jean-Pierre, “Biden had a clear message to his team: to hit the ground running.”

This is of course a bald-faced lie. The first injection of a COVID vaccine was administered on Dec. 7, 2020, a full month before Joe Biden took the oath of office. The recipient was a critical-care nurse by the name of Sandra Lindsay. The shot was possible thanks to Operation Warp Speed, a program devised by the Trump administration that resulted in the availability of a COVID vaccine in record time.
Camerota didn’t set the record straight, partly because her own network has been perpetrating the same fiction since April. Like the Biden White House, they would prefer that their viewers forget the truth. With enough repetitions of the lie, they might.

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