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By Nick Arama

As I previously reported, poor overworked Joe Biden booked it out of Washington, D.C. right after Christmas, in the middle of severe weather hitting the country causing many deaths and massive flight cancellations. Of course, since he has Air Force One, his flight out of D.C. to the sunny climes in St. Croix was not delayed in any way. Unlike the Southwest Airlines passengers, he wasn’t left to sleep in the airport and left to hope that he might at some point find his bag. Because he has a big “D” after his name, none of the liberal media seems to have called him out on his hypocrisy of lack of caring for the American people.

Biden is staying in St. Croix until Jan. 2 on his umpteenth vacation. By one count from RNC Research, he has spent more than 280 days in his term on vacation. He took his daughter, her husband, and his grandchildren, Hunter and Natalie, along on the taxpayer-funded flight. Just as with his trip to Nantucket at Thanksgiving, he stayed in the home of yet another billionaire Democratic donor family, Bill and Connie Neville, a home that has its own beach and pool. The Nevilles were among the people that Biden invited to his state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron.
As we reported, Biden couldn’t be bothered to coordinate how to sign the horrible monstrosity of an omnibus bill in D.C. Rather than delay his vacation at all, he had the bill flown out to him in St. Croix to sign. His people said it went out on a “regularly scheduled flight.” Then he bragged about how he was working against climate change with the Inflation Reduction Act.

Sounds like he just confessed what the Inflation Reduction Act was about, and it’s not reducing inflation.
Biden did manage to play some golf with his grandson — badly — during his busy vacationing schedule.


His swing is pretty bad. But then on top of that, there were some reports he also lost the ball, and his team had to go search for it.

You would think he’d be better at it, given that he’s always on vacation. Is he making Secret Service agents look for it? You know, those guys he said that he didn’t trust and were lying about his dog? But this is so typical of Joe Biden who doesn’t seem to know where he is half the time, how could he possibly keep track of a little golf ball?

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