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Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is pressing Vanita Gupta, the nominee for the number three position at the Justice Department, over millions of dollars in stock holdings she has in a chemical company that makes a key ingredient that Mexican drug cartels use to make heroin.

Gupta holds between $11 million and $55 million in shares of Avantor, a Pennsylvania-based chemical company, according to financial disclosures she has filed with the Office of Government Ethics.

Gupta’s father, Raj Gupta, serves as chairman of the board of Avantor.

Gupta is the wealthiest political nominee that President Joe Biden has picked while in office, according to ABC News. Gupta, who led the Justice Department’s civil rights office during the Obama administration, disclosed between $42 million and $187 million in total assets on her latest financial disclosure.

Bloomberg News reported in August 2020 that Avantor is one of a handful of U.S. companies that make acetic anhydride, a chemical agent that Mexican cartels use to make heroin.

Avantor until recently sold the chemical legally to laboratories in Mexico. Heroin manufacturers have reportedly snapped up the agent to make the drug. Bloomberg reported in September that Avantor stopped sales of the chemical in September as Mexican authorities prepared to open an investigation into the transactions.

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