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By Patricia McCarthy

Barack Obama made it abundantly clear that he not only loathed these United States, but he was also embarrassed by his own nation and its citizens.  He did tremendous damage over his eight years in office.  He treated our enemies like allies and our allies like enemies.  He set race relations back at least fifty years having been indoctrinated in the odious Jeremiah Wright brand of anti-Americanism.
But who among us could have predicted how much damage a Biden administration could and would do in just a few months?  All of us who revered President Trump and the tremendous strides he made on the economy, unemployment, Middle East peace, border security, and trade issues with China are gobsmacked by the destructive record of the Biden administration in just over two months.  Trump was pro-American, an America-first modern day Founding Father.  Trump loves this nation like the Founders did; they hoped their Constitution would prevail.  Donald Trump was and is determined that it will remain the reigning document, the prescription for a free nation’s survival even when under attack by the totalitarian left that means to remake it into something resembling China.
The ruling left of today is actively undermining every aspect of our founding. We no longer enjoy free speech.  We no longer are allowed the freedom of assembly or religion.  The conservative embrace of Judeo-Christina values enrages the Democrats.  From the Frankfurt School to Black Lives Matter, Western values are anathema to the left.
It did not use to be this way.  There was a time when the Democrat party was pro-America.  JFK loved his country.  LBJ was as corrupt as Joe Biden but Jimmy Carter loved America.  Even the careless and womanizing Bill Clinton did not set out to destroy the country.
But Obama set the left on a new and insidious course, the Cloward-PivenAlinskyite path to totalitarianism.  The Democrat party of today is overtly anti-American and having captured our educational system decades ago, has indoctrinated several generations who now believe that hating their own country is synonymous with virtue, with being sufficiently woke. 

The left in America today opposes every single Judeo-Christian value this civilized nation was built upon, including the nuclear family.  They eschew MLK’s wise and common sensical prescription that we be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.  The left today is consumed with identity politics, the notion that skin color and sexual orientation are primary and that any minority, racial or sexual, is superior, deserving of elevation in society.
This is why they encouraged and defended the riots of BLM and Antifa throughout the summer but pretended that the demonstration of January 6th was an “insurrection.”  It was nothing of the kind. It was an obvious set-up. They, Pelosi and her power-mad colleagues, are only disappointed that the Antifa/BLM recruits who infiltrated the pro-Trump people that day did not do more damage that could be blamed on all those peaceful Trump fans.
Biden has grossly abused his ability to govern and is doing it by decree.  He issues Executive Orders like the church of old issued indulgences.  Biden is doing this to reward his radical left supporters and/or payback to donors.   Now he has announced six  gun control “actions.”  He said these orders do not infringe on the Second Amendment!  Of course, they do.  He said “[N]o amendment is absolute,” more proof that the left of today has nothing but contempt for our Constitution.
Cities run by Democrats have stopped confiscating guns from the criminals they’ve released onto their streets but want to deprive law-abiding citizens of their legally-purchased guns.  No wonder people want to escape from New YorkSan Francisco, Minneapolis, Baltimore and DC.  The left has determined that only the criminals should have guns.  Use a gun in the commission of a crime?  No cash bail.  And in each of those cities (and others), the police have been demonized, demoralized and defunded.  That is the left’s recipe for certain disaster.  Is it a surprise to anyone that crime has escalated drastically in all these cities?
As for Covid, leftists are the shameless fearmongers.  Despite the fact that lockdowns and mask mandates can do little or nothing to stop the spread of the virus, they use their propaganda media outlets to frighten and coerce the public to blindly obey their nonsensical restrictions.
The lockdowns have done far more damage than the virus, which has a nearly 98% recovery rate. Tens of thousands of small businesses have been shuttered while the big box stores and Amazon have become fabulously wealthier over the past year.
And exactly what is behind the irresponsible push to vaccinate every American, young and old, with an emergency-authorized, experimental, never-before-used-on-humans vaccine?  Given the track record of those involved, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, the possibilities are many, none of them good.  Dr. Michael Yeardon, a former CEO at Pfizer,  is suspicious.
The most serious damage Biden has done is to our border security.  He opened the southern border on his first day in office and a catastrophic humanitarian crisis is the ongoing result.  He was warned by the outgoing administration what would happen if he ceased the completion of the wall, but he ignored those warnings and began building new “shelters” on his third day in office.  His administration knew what would happen.  They planned on it.  They are doing business with the drug cartels who control the human trafficking, the sex trafficking of children and the flow of all drugs, especially fentanyl, into the US.

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