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As long as it’s a “minor incursion” attack….

White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested on Thursday that Vladimir Putin using chemical weapons was not a ‘red line’ for the United States to prompt a military response.


She doubled down on President Joe Biden‘s stance that America won’t have boots on the ground in the Ukraine. And she refused to say what – if anything – would change that.


‘I’m not going to get into red lines from here,’ Psaki said from her podium in the White House briefing room.


‘I’m not going to get into hypotheticals,’ she noted. ‘But the president’s intention of sending U.S. military to fight in Ukraine against Russia has not changed.’



American officials have expressed concern that Russia could use chemical weapons after the Russian Defense Ministry said Ukraine could make such a move, in what U.S. officials say could be a false flag operation to justify any moves by Moscow.


The Russian president has shown no sign in letting up of his invasion of the Ukraine. Officials for the two sides – meeting in Turkey – left the negotiation table with no ceasefire in place nor an agreement for safe passage for Ukrainian civilians caught in the war zone.

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