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Former Vice President Joe Biden struggled to explain on Tuesday why workers would be better off under a Biden presidency than they are under the booming economy of President Donald Trump.

Since Biden and former President Barack Obama left the White House, the economy has taken off with record-low unemploymentrising wages, and return of manufacturing jobs. During an interview on “Good Morning America,” host Robin Roberts asked Biden how he could be better for workers than the current administration.

“What would you say to the Trump voter, the Trump supporter who looks at the economy and sees very strong numbers?” Roberts asked.

Biden struggled to explain his improved solutions for workers, instead, he dove into a series of questions that he wants Trump to answer for.

“Well, what I’d say is did you get any benefit from the tax cut? Have your wages really gone up that you think you deserve? Do your employers treat you with any more respect and dignity than they did before? What’s the story? Ask these folks. Ask the folks in this state. I know this state pretty well and the fact of the matter is they’re not getting their fair share. The American people, the people who built this country, are ordinary Americans who have done extraordinary things from neighborhoods like we come from and this president does not show a great deal of respect and he continues to divide the country.”

Biden claimed that Americans didn’t benefit from the tax cuts when the majority of Americans actually did. He also claimed that wages didn’t rise; they did.

Roberts hinted that she didn’t think Biden’s answer was going to cut it, asking, “Is it hard to get the message across when people look at their bottom line and it’s better than it was two, four years ago?”

Watch the clip below:

The former vice president floundered and claimed that President Trump somehow had an influence over how workers were being treated by their employers.

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