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by Ace

Joe Biden whines about the signs he saw — which probably said “Let’s Go Brandon” or a more pungent variation thereof — and brags about his vote totals.
Say, remember when the leftwing media branded Trump a narcissist unconcerned about his job as president when he would tout his vote totals?
I guess the leftwing media has changed its mind as regards bragging about winning (or — “winning”) an election.
Biden got more chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” in Michigan.

Amusingly, people really now are chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.” But you know what they mean.

It just occurred to me: Is this why Biden dismissed Kyrsten Sinema’s stalking incident? Because he thinks, “Well my motorcade is having ‘F Joe Biden’ shouted at it as it cruises by at 60 mph, so if I can deal with that, Sinema can handle being trapped in a bathroom while she’s urinating?”
I think that’s exactly what this hideous corrupt invalid is thinking.
And what the hell is Pops Bagman saying here? And isn’t it time to put him in a place where he can get the care he needs?


John Kerry attempted to cover for Biden badly botching the submarine issue and alienating France. But Kerry’s excuse-making revealed that Biden… “literally had not been aware of what had transpired” in the sub deal.
Biden unaware of a major decision of the government he supposedly runs?
It checks out!

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