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Thread by Richard Baris

There are several big 2020 campaign points we need to revisit right now. Team @JoeBiden campaigned on and WH claims to have “re-united” the world against enemies, particularly Russia.
He also made the general case Trump destabilized the world via non-interventionism.
All false. Truth be told, both India and China were far more cooperative under Donald Trump. India loved him.
@JoeBiden lost India, and both of them abstained at the United Nations over the referendum to annex Eastern Ukraine.
It’s a total failure foreign policy failure.
In sum, our own aggression in support of a bandwagon power, among other mistakes, led to a great power coalition more than strong enough to balance against us.
All the progress Trump made to count India among our own coalition to balance China, was for nothing. Bottom line: @JoeBiden did in fact unite parts of the world. He united the other Great Powers and Regional Hegemonies against the United States.
Together, their relative power far exceeds Team U.S.A.
On the topic of “stabilizing” the world?
Perhaps an even bigger failure. Many of the experts who were right about how this would play out now believe we’re the closest we’ve been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Six decades ago.
But voters never got a real chance to weigh their options. @debates betrayed them, canceled the FP debate.


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