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Matthew Balan @ Newsbusters:

MSNBC’s on-air personalities were plainly in awe of Bill Clinton on Wednesday night. Moments after the former President finished his speech at the Democratic National Convention, they kept up the praise for almost 20 minutes. Chris Matthews gushed over the “strong offensive” Clinton gave for President Obama. Al Sharpton exclaimed, “Elvis and Bubba showed up tonight.”

Ed Schultz was the most enthusiastic for the former Arkansas governor: “Affable, effective – as a Democrat, it doesn’t get any better. I’m sitting here – I’m giddy…I just think President Clinton just did Barack Obama the biggest favor he could have ever done.” Rachel Maddow and former McCain campaign advisor Steve Schmidt agreed that Clinton’s address was “powerful,” with Schmidt exclaiming that “I wish to God, as a Republican, we had someone on our side who had the ability to do that. We don’t. It would be great if we did. Just an amazing performance.” [audio available herevideo below the jump]

Matthews was the first to chime in after the former President stepped away from the podium, and depicted him as an attack dog extraordinaire against the Republicans: “Clinton came in and beat up the other side. There’s no other phrase for it. He took down all the Republican arguments on welfare….hit them hard where they were weak – on obstructionism, on the failed economy they left this President with; beat them on the arguments of Medicare, on the arguments of welfare. On every charge they’ve made against Obama, he took it back and threw it back at them….It put them on the retreat.”

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC Correspondent | NewsBusters.orgAndrea Mitchell then came in and emphasized the “screaming and shouting here when the video to introduce him first came up. When he came out, he had this audience.” She continued with her own praise of Clinton: “Now, obviously, he has his own perspective, but as a political document, this speech was extraordinary, and I think it was classic Clinton.’

A few minutes later, Maddow turned to Schmidt, who initially remarked that the Democrat’s speech was “extraordinary. It’s a virtuoso political performance. There’s no other politician in America in the last generation person that could hold the attention of a crowd, have them yelling and screaming.” After making his lament about the apparent lack of an equivalent speaker on the Republican side, the former McCain added that the address was a “very powerful endorsement for President Obama; another good night for them.” Schultz then gave his two cents about how “giddy” he was over the former President.

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