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by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Comedian Jon Stewart was shockingly candid on his podcast concerning Hunter Biden sitting on the board of the Ukrainian company, Burisma, calling it “straight up off the bat” corruption.

(Audio Credit: Jon Stewart)
On his podcast, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” he spoke with British journalist Gabriel Gatehouse concerning politics at large. Gatehouse proceeded to slam attempts by politicians, authorities, and the media to downplay and cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story.
“Turned out that not only was it real, but the FBI had the bloody laptop all this time. Hadn’t really looked on it. Hadn’t figured out — And then it took the establishment media in the US the New York Times and the Washington Post, let’s say the kind of, you know, the big boys… It took them nearly two years to go through the laptop as you expect they would do,” Gatehouse put forth, making it evident that he has little trust in the media or the FBI.
He even brought up former President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon helping to air the story, stating that was why he personally didn’t take it seriously in the first place.
“As Steve Bannon said, ‘Flood the Zone with shit.’ Right?” Gatehouse commented. “The laptop made its way into the media via Steve Bannon. So kind of — I assumed this was Steve Bannon flooding the zone with shit. And that’s why I ignored it.”

“Let’s say it was real and people just thought, well, the one thing in it maybe is 10% to the big guy, which is circumstantial at best. But as far as like, look, Hunter Biden being on the board of…” Stewart began.
“Burisma,” Gatehouse interjected.
“To me that’s corruption straight up off the bat,” Stewart bluntly asserted which no doubt surprised much of his audience.

“They always call it a corrupt Ukrainian gas company that’s like, you don’t need to say that — all Ukrainian gas companies are corrupt,” Gatehouse sardonically kidded and laughed.
Stewart didn’t stop there. He went on to point out that Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian ties were a massive problem and go far deeper and are much more serious than what is on the laptop.

“It’s not even that, I’m not surprised. It’s that it’s corrupt on its face,” the comedian stated. “I don’t need a laptop with like a hint of circumstantial evidence. Now tying Joe Biden to it, that’s gonna take some digging.”

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