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Via Instapundit: “Dollars to donuts, Hillary’s behind this”

Lee Stranahan:

They say Dylan Davies lied about one part of his story, so you should ignore ALL of his story.  

Now, you get to make that decision for yourself.

Less than two weeks after 60 Minutes ran a segment feasting Dylan Davies, the former head of security for the consulate in Benghazi, unnamed Obama administration officials have disputed part of this account and 60 Minutes retracted the story and his book The Embassy House has been pulled by the publisher.

Amazon has already removed the book for sale.

embassy house goneama

The only disputed section was the claim by Mr. Davies that he went to the consulate and to the hospital that night.

Everyone acknowledges that Davies was the head of security. No other claims have been challenged.

This is important because the Benghazi scandal allegations have never been about whether Dylan Davies was there or not.

And the allegations that Davies makes–according to this own words from the now removed bool-have little do with whether the disputed section is true or not.

Because of this controversy and the fact that the book has been removed, I’m publishing nine pages of the book, unedited — the section where Davies discusses his dealings with the State Department and the FBI.

I know of no better way to provide context for what Davies actually said.

Read for yourself.

Here’s that section of the book, unedited.

Barely minutes later my phone rang. “Morgan Jones.” “Mr. Jones, this is Sam Peterson from the U.S. State Department. I think you were expecting our call.” “Yes. I’m good to talk.” “Right, thank you, sir, because right now we really do appreciate it. Stay on the line: it’ll take a few moments to get everyone patched in and seated and listening.” I supped some more beer as I waited. “Okay, we’re all in now. So, Mr. Jones, please tell us everything that you have seen and heard over the last forty-eight hours.” Fuck me, where did I start? I began relating the lead-up to the attack, then moved on to the events of the night just gone. I found myself reliving it all, and at one moment I found myself breaking down again and the words just wouldn’t come. I heard another voice break into the call.

“Look, this guy just isn’t up to this

Pause. “Sir? Mr. Morgan, we can get someone to that airport to sit with you until your flight is called.” “No, no. It’s okay. I’m fine.” “If you want out of that place we can get you to the Embassy.” “No, I’m okay. I just want to go home.” “Understood, sir. Well, if you think you’re able to continue?” I said I was. I talked them through the events leading up to now, and somehow I got through it all. Then the questions began. “How many attackers were there?” “I don’t know, but I was told two hundred minimum. Maybe as many as six hundred.” “What time did you find the Ambassador dead?” “Sometime around two in the morning.” “Who were the attackers?” “Shariah Brigade.” The questions went on and on. When they were finally done, I mentioned the fact that I had the photos from the compound, those that I’d taken when I’d gone back to document the crime scene. “Hell, we need those ASAP. We have zero. We got nothing.” “I’ll email them as soon as I get home. I’ll need an email address.” “We’ll get one to you. We would really, really appreciate those photos.” “You know about the Libyan policeman taking the recce photos?” “Say again.”

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