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Via Mediaite, the key bit comes at 5:00 after Brooke Baldwin spends several long minutes nudging Smith in every way she can think of to side with the Khans against Trump. One thing that’s gotten lost in the coverage of Pat Smith is that she’s not the only parent of an American killed in the Benghazi attack to claim that Hillary blamed the Mohammed YouTube video when they met with her privately after the attack. The father of Tyrone Woods once told Glenn Beck that Clinton promised them she’d make sure the man who made the movie would be arrested and prosecuted for it. (And so he was, albeit on supposedly unrelated charges.) A would-be president of the United States threatening criminal punishment for thoughtcrimes, huh? Hillary’s not going to let any Republican out-authoritarian her.

We all know the answer to Smith’s question. The Khans are on the “right team” in the election; their son is a shining example that Muslims are patriotic too, a message the media is eager to convey; and, unlike Pat Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Khan aren’t a living reminder of one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest fiascos. (Actually they are, although you don’t hear many reminders these days about that Iraq vote Hillary cast in 2002.) You expect partisan media bias if you follow political news but it’s been a trip to watch the press shift from the idea that having a grieving parent speak at a convention is exploitative to the idea that it’s a form of patriotic redemption from tragedy in the span of 10 days. Even here, Baldwin leaves Smith almost exasperated at times because she can’t quite accept that Smith won’t use her bereaved-mom moral authority to come to the Khans’ defense against Trump.

But let’s not forget this either: Hillary’s smart enough at least not to let herself get dragged into a four-day running war of words with a sympathetic parent who lost their child overseas. Some of Trump’s pain the last few days is bias at work. But not all of it.

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