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I am now going to give you the least surprising announcement in the history of unsurprising announcements:

“Breaking: Dems say enough evidence to move forward on impeachment. Vote likely by mid-December. They will not wait for courts to force additional witnesses”

In other news, thieves believe they have a right to steal.

Make no mistake, the current impeachment push is attempted theft of the 2016 election.

The people behind impeachment have been declaring their intention to impeach Trump since before he was elected, before he was sworn in, and ever since. Their tools have been a concerted effort to paralyze the executive branch until they could find something, anything to impeach; the mainstream media have been crucial, willing, and knowing participants in creating a permanent frenzied news cycle and hunting for the excuse. Poisonous characters in the highest echelons of the FBI played a central role.

The excuses to steal the 2016 election have varied over time, and are completely pretextual: The ‘unfairness’ of the Electoral College; the Russia collusion hoax; the Mueller Inquisition; the Emoluments Clause; and the 25th Amendment delusion, among others.

The result in House committees controlled by Democrats, and likely the full House vote, was preordained. The hearings have been a charade, the window dressing, with rank speculation, supposition, opinions, hurt feelings, and bureaucratic turf battles posing as evidence.

The thieves disabled the alarm system by manipulating and selectively leaking closed-door testimony, and by refusing to allow Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee to call the witnesses they wanted to call during the public portion. It was a show trial manipulated by Adam Schiff with Nancy Pelosi’s blessing.

Jim Jordan had it right. Democrats have not accepted the outcome of the 2016 election. That’s what the past three years of impeachment fever have been about.

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