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by Ace


Atlanta councilman running for mayor who voted for ‘Defund the Police’ measure is dragged down the road and almost killed by kids as young as seven who stole his Mercedes during dayWhile at a ribbon-cutting in northwest Atlanta on Wednesday morning, four people hopped into councilman Antonio Brown’s car and took off
Police said around 11:45am Brown got out of his car and the thieves tried to take it

Brown held on and was dragged for a block before he let go
Brown says the thieves appear to be children from 7 to 11 years old
He claims it took 45 minutes for police to arrive because it was assigned as a low-priority dispatch

Two hilarious things: 1, this motherfucker actually called the cops, and 2, the cops decided to… take their own sweet time in responding.
Fuck you, asshole. You get what you deserve.

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