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As Tim Pool pointed out, Trump had said “Who’s next? Washington? Thomas Jefferson?” back after the Charlottesville unpleasantaness, when many people were just protesting to keep statues up.

Reporters such as Jim Acosta — if I can correctly discern his bullying, femmy voice — scoffed at the notion that Washington and Jefferson would be next. Only “White supremacists” — and not “slave owners” (as Trump noted of Washington and Jefferson) — would see their statues torn down, the media insisted.

I know that many on the pseudoright, which seems to exist solely to tell conservatives that liberals are right, joined in claiming that the idea that their good friends on the left would do something as extreme as come after the Founding Fathers was preposterous, and it was just that sort of paranoia and fear-mongering that they found so disgusting on the right.



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