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Thread via Glenn Greenwald:

Foreign Policy, NOVEMBER 6, 2020, 3:09 PM


As Biden — who vowed in 2020 to make the Saudi “pariahs” — instead hugs and kisses its Crown Prince today, read this amazing 2018 article by CNN’s @StCollinson on how Trump invented some kind of new unprecedented “doctrine” by partnering with despots: 

The multiple specific Trump-era media hoaxes are well-known — Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” Russian bounties in Afghanistan, Alfa Bank, etc. etc. — but the overarching fraud was that Trump, when doing what all US Presidents did, was pioneering a new evil:

Joe Biden may be aging but he personally flew all the way to Riyadh to fulfill his campaign promise to turn the Saudi regime into “pariahs.” This is what moral leadership looks like, as celebrated (oddly) by the official Saudi Foreign Ministry account.



Do you think corporate journalists and various liberal pundits really believed that no US President before Trump embraced dictators, or did they know that propping up dictators has been a staple of US foreign policy since the end of WW2 and decided to pretend only Trump did it?

The implication here — the US is forced to buy oil from the Saudis — is false. There are many other ways the US could obtain oil: buying it from countries they are sanctioning or more domestic drilling.
Buying from the Saudis (and propping up that regime) is Biden’s choice.
The US does not merely buy oil from the Saudis. It lavishes them with the weapons and surveillance tech they use to destroy Yemen and crush domestic dissent. One of the overlooked Snowden stories was how Obama ordered NSA to share more with Saudi tyrants:

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