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His “moderate, centrist” AG, vouched for by National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, sued the state of Texas for trying to keep its citizens free of infection from covid-ridden illegal aliens being secretly dispersed around the state to create super-spreader events.
Thank Goodness for the moderate, centrist, norms-restoring Biden Administration vouched for by NeverTrump and Conservative, Inc. as a whole.
A federal judge, naturally enough, granted an injunction against Abbot’s ban on using Texas’ roads to deploy the virus against its citizens.

Abbott’s order said that “DPS is to stop & reroute, or impound any vehicle being used to transport illegal migrants who have been detained by Border Patrol.” Critics said this would lead to illegal stops by law enforcement and profiling. The goal is to stop anyone other than law enforcement from transporting migrants who may be infected with COVID-19 from place to place. This order is part of a disaster declaration signed by the governor on July 28. The DOJ threatened to sue if Abbott didn’t rescind the order. He didn’t so the DOJ sued. Judge Kathleen Cardone, United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, granted a temporary injunction. She cited the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution as her reason for doing so. The Supremacy Clause states that the federal government is “the supreme law of the land” and federal law takes priority over state law. Her order prevents any state or local agents from enforcing any part of Abbott’s executive order as it pertains to transporting migrants. The DOJ claimed that state and local officials were obstructing the federal government by limiting who could transport migrants taken into custody.

This is sheer lawlessness. It is true that the Supremacy Clause says that federal laws supersede the laws of states, but not mere policies and directives of the executive. Those are not laws.
But this is Post-America, and the Ruling Class intends to dispose of the Constitution that has hitherto restrained it.

Biden demanded that Abbot specifically “get out of the way” of Biden’s supposed efforts to control the spread of covid — even as Biden acts to prevent him from controlling the spread of covid.


From just this Monday:

Biden is deliberately creating covid disaster areas in red states, and then claiming the tyrannical authority to squash the governors of those states.
Is this really about covid? Seems that the supposed “right” of illegal aliens to enter the country as they please is important enough to trump any anti-covid measures.
So strange that the rights of American citizens to live their lives in freedom are not similarly important enough to outweigh covid concerns.
By the way, despite the frothing agitation by Biden’s puppetmasters and the enemy propaganda media, it turns out that Evangelicals — mostly Trump voters — are not the most unvaccinated group in America.
The most unvaccinated group are… younger people with no religion.
Also known as “The Democrat Party Base.”
Meanwhile, the Dictator of New York City says you must give up your right to not be vaccinated or else he’s going to strip you of even more of your rights:

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