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by Bonchie

You, most likely being a mere normal, are probably looking around at the current state of things and wondering just how we managed to get to this point. Food prices continue to skyrocket, energy prices remain stubbornly high, and if you were thinking about buying a house, you can forget about it with current interest rates. Meanwhile, real wages are down, meaning your buying power is diminished coming and going.
That’s just a small taste of what Americans are going through, and you’d expect the nation’s leadership to provide some guidance among the malaise. At the very least, you’d think they could admit there’s a problem.
Instead, the Biden administration insults your intelligence.

Sure, you are struggling to feed your family, and sure, you’ve had to put your life’s goals on hold because the current economic moment doesn’t allow you to advance past living paycheck to paycheck. But did you know Joe Biden’s administration has a lot of gay and black people in it?
If that doesn’t make you feel good about paying $5.50 a dozen for eggs and missing out on that investment property you had been planning to acquire, then nothing will. Your family isn’t important. No, what’s really important is that wealthy, Washington elites get to pat themselves on the back about purposely creating an overrepresentation of certain minority groups in the executive branch. Actual competency need not apply.
Are you tired yet?
According to the Biden administration, living paycheck to paycheck is just fine, though. In fact, you shouldn’t even strive to become someone who relies on investment to build wealth to improve your life and your children’s lives.

Naturally, that doesn’t apply to Biden himself. He gets to become fabulously rich by selling political influence and stock investments. He doesn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. He gets to take a vacation to his beach house almost every weekend.

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