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Erika Johnsen @ Hot Air:

Nothing that anyone who pays attention doesn’t know already, but a point to which I intend to give unrelenting attention as we move “forward” into the next four years of an Obama economy. It is an indescribable shame that what America needs more than anything else right now is a robust rate of positive economic growth, yet we seem to be doing everything within our power to suppress America’s natural entrepreneurial drive.

Economic growth is what creates productive private-sector jobs, effectively lifts people out of poverty, gets people off of the government dole, brings in more revenue, and brings about innovation and efficiency. For all I can tell, President Obama is singularly determined to do all of the things the federal government can reasonably do to curb economic growth — distorting free-market signals with government intervention, growing the bureaucracy, trying to raise taxes and further convolute the tax code, placing more restrictions upon free trade when it suits his agenda, and perhaps most dauntingly of all, continuing to introduce endless rolls of red tape that pose incalculable opportunity costs upon our economic movers and shakers (and, by extension, oneveryone else — because that is what “top-down” really means).

The regulatory rollout on its way is legitimately frightening. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a small-business owner hoping to grow my outfit — already an uphill climb — and then be looking up the mountain and face this tidal wave of hoopla head on. The WSJ explains how the Obama administration put the brakes on their rule-writing in preparation for the election, but no more:

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