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Does that mean the known antifa terrorists, and the many black and brown faced rioters, are “crisis actors” hired by these “right wing extremists” to be the fall guy?

This is a conspiracy theory pushed by a radicalized leftwing media determined that their Direct Action arm — antifa — should not be blamed for the violence they’re obviously perpetrating.

America is now Palestine, where they Palestinians blow up schools and then say, “It was really the Jews.”

So here’s Jake Tapper now, saying, “It was really the Jews.”

Jake Tapper repeatedly demands that NSA Robert O’Brien comment on conspiracy theories being peddlied by Democrats and the #ResistanceMedia (but I repeat myself) that these attacks are not being conducted by the left-wing antifa and BLM cells, but by “right wing extremists.”

O’Brien repeatedly ignores Jake Tapper and treats him like the callow antifa-symp manchild that he is.

Deb Heine writes up the Jake Tapper’s failed attempt to run psyops on behalf of his allies in antifa.

On CNN Sunday morning, after several nights of antifa and Black Lives Matter-fueled violence in multiple American cities, anchor Jake Tapper asked President Trump’s national security advisor if white supremacists were using the unrest to start a race war.

“What can you tell us about any of the far-right groups that might be trying to use this as a predicate to prompt a race war as Vice News reported?” Tapper asked NSC advisor Robert O’Brien.

Oh, Vice News, you say? The clickbait site going bankgrupt?

O’Brien didn’t take the bait, telling Tapper that the violence was in fact being driven by antifa.The lefty blog “Vice” on Friday first promulgated the conspiracy theory that much of the violence in recent days was being driven by the far-right, saying “far-right extremists are showing up with guns to the protests against police brutality that have exploded across the country” and “others are egging on the violence from behind their computers.”

Wait, they’re showing up to protest, but not committing crimes?

I thought that made them just… protesters?

But no, these are White People, so criminal intent is presumed.

Various Democrat politicians in Minnesota and elsewhere picked up the ball on Saturday, floating the idea that right-wingers were behind the violence.

I like this snap-back from O’Brien:

“I have not seen those reports,” O’Brien said. “I generally don’t read Vice so I haven’t seen the reports on far-right groups.

Jake Tapper is pushing yet another conspiracy theory, but no one, not Twitter, not his sycophants on the pseudoright who follow him around like remoras, will say a damn thing about it.

David Hradzka has an interesting thread. His belief is that liberals approve of antifa, and think they’re Heroes Who Punch Nazis. Juts like Chris Cuomo and the leftist media told them.

But they don’t like seening churches burned down or stores being looted.

So they’ve made up a fiction — a conspiracy theory — to ease their cognitive dissonance: That while it may appear that antifa and BLM and BAMN are doing all this, it’s really Right Wing Extremist instigators who are tricking peaceful antifa types to do these things, or doing them themselves.

It’s a nice idea but I don’t believe it. Sure, a few absolutely deluded people might believe this. But CNN has been defending antifa for literally years now. The “mainstream” media has been comparing them favorably to US troops storming Normandy for years now.

And for years now, there has been graphic video evidence of antifa’s casual resort to mayhem and violence.

There is a simpler answer than Hrazdka’s: The left is now just employing Palestinian tactics. They know damn well antifa– their Hamas — is responsible for the violence.

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