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by Lisa Carr

The liberal and “diverse” citizens of America want drag shows for kids but don’t want guns in their homes. Guns and assault weapons brandished by Antifa before said drag shows?
Well, apparently, that’s cool in their book. Y’all remember the drag show in Texas that made national news?

Do it like we do, it’s not gonna lick itself. “Lick us where we pee.” Now it seems the grooming, err, uh…the drag community…has to contend with more photos of Antifa members brandishing (gasp) guns in front of these all-age drag venues.

Tayler Hansen is an independent journalist who has, in the past, shone a light on this hypocrisy. According to this, An “all-ages” drag show at BuzzBrews in Dallas, Texas on Saturday drew parents, kids, and local city council members who came out to endorse the show and the practice of family drag shows.

What a show! What a great gathering today!”-Jesse Moreno, Councilmember for District

What a great gathering of men dressed as women twerking on stage for toddlers! What a great gathering of Antifa members with assault rifles outside the venue to protect those bigoted fascists who happen to think kids should be doing things other than watching grown-ass men dressed as women twerk on stage on a Saturday night. But, it’s all in the name of progress, we suppose…

I’m here today just to show you all that we are here today in support, as an ally to the LGBTQ community, and to tell everyone that there is no place for hate in the city of Dallas. The number who are here today are greatly outnumbering those protestors that are there. I will not tolerate bullyness for anyone in the city of Dallas. And I want to thank my fellow colleagues for being here and joining in the efforts to making sure that we continue to educate folks and we continue to make progress. Not only for the city of Dallas, ’cause we all know that here in Dallas we are open, and we are proud, and we do, are very accepting. But we need to teach those folks in our rural counties and other parts of the cities that they too can be Dallas. And so I’m truly here because I believe in basic human rights, I believe we should all be treated with respect and dignity.”-Jesse Moreno, Councilmember for District

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Gotta teach those dumb, rural rednecks a thing or two. And, excuse me? Bullyness (SIC)? Sounds like Jesse is licking something. Paint chips, maybe? No place for hate in the City of Dallas? Because there’s nothing but a love-fest when Antifa rolls in, don’t you think? Look at all the love they showed the city of Portland which is now crime-ridden and, even to the most liberal of progressives, uninhabitable. Yes, they are moving because they don’t even like their Priuses broken into! Continue to educate folks? Really, dude? I would say that a man in a woman’s g-string bumping and grinding on stage and uttering sexual innuendo is FAR from cerebral material, but go on. And respect and dignity? There are ways to be an ally and offer the LGBTQ+ community respect and dignity without sexualizing children, I assure you. Warning, the following content is NSFW or children:

No different than what they hear at home, says one proud mom, standing with her children in front of the venue.
But while foul language and sex are allowed in the homes of liberals, while they take their kids to drag queen brunch and local sex shops for “consent” classes that discuss various forms of sex play and positions as part of their woke playgroup outings, they are dead-set against anyone owning or toting any type of weapon. Guns kill people, they’ll say, as they turn a completely blind eye to the assault rifle brandishing dirtbags of Antifa guarding an all-ages drag event. They will compliment the masked-up Antifa member in their tights and completely ignore the assault rifle pointed at their kid!

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