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On Sunday The New York Times published a HUGE update in the Trump-Ukraine foreign aid impeachment “scandal.”

The New York Times reported on new emails released by the Pentagon show that Trump White House officials discussed suspending military aid to Ukraine 91 minutes after President Trump spoke with President Zelensky.

For the record, it’s still not a crime to deny aid to Ukraine.

The email was leaked to The New York Times by the Center for Public Integrity, a George Soros funded organization.

Of course, Senator Chuck Schumer jumped on the report as a reason to call in Democrat witnesses to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the US Senate.

But, what didn’t get any play by the liberal mainstream media is that the order to withhold funding to Ukraine was actually made 7 days before the call — NOT 91 minutes after the call. reported:

The OMB immediately pushed back explaining the aid hold was actually announced seven days prior to Trump’s July 25 phone call and that the Center for Public Integrity was harping on one line within 146 pages of documents that the organization obtained to paint an inaccurate and misleading picture of the timing of the aid hold.

The OMB strongly denied that the email, one of many, had anything to do with Trump’s phone call, explaining the communication was part of an ongoing process put into place one week early.

The email being hyped by the media shows an official with the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Mike Duffey, contacted Pentagon officials 91 minutes after Trump’s call with Zelensky to discuss withholding aid.

Rachel Semmel, a spokeswoman for OMB, told reporters it was “reckless to tie the hold of funds to the phone call.”

“As has been established and publicly reported, the hold was announced in an interagency meeting on July 18,” she said. “To pull a line out of one email and fail to address the context is misleading and inaccurate.”

A senior administration official further said the email was part of a discussion already going on for one week between OMB and the Pentagon about withholding aid.

Just like previous reports — this latest hit piece on President Trump in The New York Times is just another junk report by a completely biased news organization.

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