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Rick Wells:

Anonymous says they have some information that, if it’s true, puts a whole different light on the Donald Trump video, one that they feel may spell the end for Hillary Clinton. We can hope they’re right.

According to a video that Anonymous just released, they believe that the tape that is supposedly the actual recordings of Trump on a bus, out of view and with no video of the actual offensive comments being spoken, is a forgery. What’s even more earth-shattering is their belief that Trump is aware that it is forged, and is prepared to confront Clinton with the evidence on stage during the Sunday debates.

Mr. Trump’s mannerisms to many of us who watched the video, once he got off of the bus, were a little inconsistent with the comments made but it’s possible he could have been putting on a good face. In light of his admission that he had said what was claimed, there was no need to question either that or the fact that the recordings were made out of view. Those questions may have now been asked and answered.

Anonymous asked themselves why this information didn’t come out during the Republican primary, as millions of dollars were expended in opposition research at that time as  well and everybody was targeting Donald Trump.

They believe the same firm that created fake al-Qaeda videos in the past is responsible for the forgery, the UK’s Bell Pottinger. They note that the fact that the incident that is portrayed in the video is over ten years old means that the people involved won’t have a clear recollection of what was said. “This creates an opening for the operators to go in and enhance the audio,” said anonymous. “We spoke with someone who does sound engineering and has been involved in high profile court cases where recorded sound has been used in evidence.”

He told anonymous that it wouldn’t be that hard to create a fake tape of a sound recording that old. You find some similar voices, sample them and alter them to match. Changing a few words would be easy, adding a few sentences would be harder but still could be done. “For that you have to match the cadence and depths,” he said, “but you could do it.” He cites an example, “If you wanted to change shoulder to pussy that would be easy.”

The sound expert also raised an issue with the sound of the tic tacs and the ability to pick them up on the microphone. There is a strong likelihood that the sounds were added after the fact, by enhancement.

Anonymous quotes what they identify as “a contact close to Trump,” who said, “Yes, there’s a lot of calls, a lot of fallout. Trump was asked to apologize immediately and he’s a team player so he did. But the core team is also very calm. They’re telling everyone to just wait for tomorrow night. This is sure to come up and they are just ready. They’re aching for it.”

He continues, “What we think is that they don’t just have a response but rather it’s a trap for Clinton. Trump moved immediately and called some of his guys, his investigative team that went after the birth certificate; good guys, very pro.” Trump had a copy of the tape rush delivered to a recording studio.

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