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Princeton can use a man like Joel.

Meanwhile, much of the rotten, corrupt, Enemy of the People leftwing media is pretending doubt as to whether Ngo was attacked or not.

CNN, which has a long history of covering up for antifa and even openly cheerleading their attacks, pretends that Ngo merely “says” he was attacked by antifa, despite video showing people dressed as antifa, gathering with antifa, chanting with antifa, actually punching him in the head:

Say, for all of the “conservatives” in Jake Tapper’s cuck-circle — did Soviet Hero of Twitter Jake Tapper ever bother covering this on his, you know, actual show, or did he just do the usual and appease his Twitter Booty Bitches by offering a single tweet noting the news?

Discovery should tell us which “journalists” actively coordinate with antifa:

Speaking of CNN’s active support of terrorist attacks on journalists…


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