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By Ace

Why it’s almost as if we’re in a state of Permanent Coup, of the Deep State against those outside of the Corporate-Government Complex.

They will keep inventing these “Next Expected Day of a QAnon Coup” days forever, one national emergency flowing smoothly into the next.

And the GOP-branded wing of the DC Insider Party will cheerlead for every single Capitol Lockdown.

The House of Representatives canceled its scheduled votes for ThursdayCapitol police confirmed they received an intelligence report that of a far-right militia plot to breach the Capitol this Thursday

…’We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4,’ USCP said

No specific group mentioned and USCP said intelligence was too ‘sensitive’ to reveal more details

…Security has been beefed up around Capitol buildings as the National Guard patrol

The Capitol is being guarded by almost 5,000 troops ahead of Thursday’s threat

There is speculation that March 20 – when the Republican party was founded – and April 15 – federal income tax day – may also pose a threat

As I wrote in the sidebar:

There is no more hostile environment to liberty than a regime of permanent crisis, one alleged national security emergency flowing directly into the next, each new supposed threat justifying, it is alleged, exciting new restrictions and limitations of the freedom to move, gather, speak, or even think.

And NeverTrump — the GOPe Wing of the Insider DC Uniparty — has justified, defended, cheered on and demanded every new crackdown on Americans’ former freedoms.

Does anyone feel free any longer?

Does anyone imagine that the ruling class will ever cede back to us our freedoms? Freedoms we might use in dangerous ways, such as, to challenge or contradict the claims of the ruling class?

This will literally never end. And the NeverTrump propaganda cell funded by FaceBook and Google will never stop cheering on the authoritarian left’s constant attacks on normally-functioning democracy.

Byron York writes about the feds’ prosecution of a “Quick Reaction Force.”

Byron York @ByronYorkTalked a few days ago about charges against Oath Keepers militia in Capitol riot. Big part of story: They were unarmed — were careful to observe District of Columbia’s strict gun-control laws… 1/5

…but there was talk of armed ‘quick reaction force’ waiting in Virginia to help Oath Keepers topple government if things got nasty. 2/5

Problem: Some of the Oath Keepers’ communications before rally suggested ‘quick reaction force’ was actually one guy at the Comfort Inn in Ballston who was too tired to spend the day in the District. 3/5

Now, attorneys for one Oath Keepers defendant say ‘quick reaction force’ was indeed one person — ‘in his late 60s, obese, and has cardio-pulmonary issues, a bad back, a bum knee, and is in need of a hip replacement.’ 4/5

Defense lawyers: ‘The Government’s fanciful suggestion that right-wing tactical commandos were waiting in the wings to storm the Capitol is one for the ages.’ Now, we’ll have to hear what prosecutors say. 5/5 End.


But the Google- and FaceBook-sponsored propagandists of NeverTrump will be hyping the threat of this silly old man.

They’ll also be begging you every week for more money, because it’s not fair that Google, FaceBook, and the Koch Foundation should pay all their bills.

You need to pony up, too, Patriot, so that Google, FaceBook and the Koch Foundation aren’t forced to economize!

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