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Daniel Greenfield:

Amnesty International, the greatest human rights organization co-founded by a mentally unstable compulsive liar to serve as an arm of British intelligence, has hit a pathetic new low.

“[H]eavily armed soldiers and police wearing body armour facing a possible knife attack have a duty to use proportionate and graduated force and attempt to arrest suspects before resorting to the use of lethal force,” said Philip Luther.

Maybe Philip Luther can put on body armor and then show us how it’s done by arresting a terrorist trying to sink a knife into his throat. Either that or he can wrestle a rabid weasel. Either way I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun for the whole family. And condolences to the widow.

The whole “disproportionate response” meme has hit an absurd insane state in which shooting someone who is trying to stab you is disproportionate force.

Should Israeli soldiers pull out knives in response to a knife attack and then have a knife fight with the terrorist? Would stabbing a terrorist trying to stab you count as proportionate?

But Amnesty International, an organization founded based on a lie about Portuguese students being imprisoned for making the wrong toast (the drinking kind, not the bread kind), embraces Stabber Trutherism.

Amnesty has good company in that, like the cretinous Hamas pal British MK Gerald Kaufman who made similar claims and then ranted about Jewish money.

“The majority of the “attempted stabbing” incidents are based on false claims. They are executing Palestinians on the streets and then they fabricate the stabbing story. Several videos came out after some of these incidents that clearly show those Palestinians killed posing no harm at all but they got shot anyway and some were executed after they were injured on the ground. It is enough for an Israeli to scream terrorist and if you look like an Arab you will be shot dead on the spot. I wanted to say they shoot and then ask questions, but the truth is they shoot and then they fabricate a stabbing story.”

There are multiple videos showing the stabbings. But Truthers gotta Truther.

Everyone knows the moon landings were faked in Hollywood. 9/11 was just cardboard models. Every shooting ever just featured actors. What about all the dead people? They never existed. The wounded kids? Somebody must be paying them to lie in hospital beds.

This is the disgusting sewer that MK Gerald Kaufman and Amnesty International have climbed down. They’ve gone from justifying Muslim terrorism by attacking Israel to denying it even happened.

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