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by Ace

Chris Wallace of the Chris Wallace’s Leftwing Opinions Network (CLOWN) didn’t just declare that Biden’s slurring was the “greatest inauguration I’ve ever heard.”

No, Chris Wallace of the Chris Wallace’s Leftwing Opinions Network also declared that the media — meaning, his own conservative colleagues at Fox — should especially heed the wisdom of lying rapist Joe Biden:

And if you don’t agree: We’ll arrest you.

I wonder if this alte kacher ball-sniffer has been told he should “retire” within the month, so now he’s decided to “Go Nova” with leftwing pronouncements.

Oh, and Bill Kristol’s nepot son-in-law also thought this was the Bestest Inauguration Ever, and says it was much, much better than Trump’s:

Yes, Biden’s speech was so “bipartisan” that he suggested the need for legal/military action against his internal American-citizen political enemies three times.

Remember when Trump’s inaugural speech about an “American carnage” the citizens were facing was called “dark,” and all the twitter ninnies and Beltway Cocktail Party Circuit-Jerkers shrieked about it?

Well, “darkness” is now bright and elevating.

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