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by Don Surber

Many readers are under the impression that they have a choice in next year’s presidential election. Allow me to disabuse them of this false notion. Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith and Fani Willis took away the right of Republicans to choose a presidential candidate by indicting President Donald John Trump. Because the charges are bogus, we must re-elect him or government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall perish from the earth.

The indictments are a heinous act that rubs our noses in the filth, garbage and sewage of a power-mad central government that now exceeds the worst nightmares of some of our Founding Fathers. They were anti-Federalists who opposed ratification of the Constitution. They included Patrick Henry, who once said give me liberty or give me death.

We now say Trump or death, and that is no joke. Organizing opposition can get you 22 years in prison. The Republican Party goes along with this evil to get along.

The anti-Federalists secured the Bill of Rights and protected free speech, peaceful protest and the right to a fair trial. Just under 250 years later, the Biden administration seeks to complete Obama’s plan to destroy those protections of rights. President Trump delayed this plan and now Obama — through Biden — seeks vengeance.

The ability to persecute a duly elected president shows central government is too large, too powerful and too out-of-touch to lead us. Trump is our last hope of regaining control.

Washington has seized our rights slowly and suddenly. For example, the Department of Education uses money to get state boards of education to submit to the DOE’s will.

Agencies have administrative law judges to enforce the agency’s rules, giving them the weight of a law without Congress. HUD tried this trick on Donald Trump when he was young. HUD labelled him a racist in rentals. He sued to have the case brought before a real federal judge. HUD quickly agreed to what amounted to an admission that Trump had done nothing wrong.

Federal agencies last long after their original purpose ends.

The Environmental Protection Agency continues to bully us, long after American capitalists cleaned the air and water. In fact the biggest contamination of rivers in this century came when the EPA released 3 million gallons of toxic waste water into the Animas River. No one lost his job. No one went to jail. The press let it slide into the memory hole unexamined.

The ATF allowed guns in Arizona to be sold illegally in the hope of catching drug cartel masterminds. None were ever caught. ATF tried a sting operation in Milwaukee and ended up giving criminals a machine gun. The largest distributor of illegal weapons is the government.

The FBI is better at creating crimes than at solving them. The Abscam set-up a sting that sent a pack of New Jersey politicians to prison but no one seems to wonder why the FBI believes it has such power to erase election results.

The bureau tried to bring down Marion Barry, the crooked but flamboyant mayor of DC. They had an old girlfriend set him up for a cocaine sting in a motel room. As they arrested him, he said, “Bitch set me up.” She had. But Barry’s lawyers were smart. They made the FBI show the entire videotape to the jury, which then acquitted him.

The sins of the FBI are well known to conservatives. From Ruby Ridge to the Whitmer Fake Kidnapping, the F in FBI seems more and more to stand for fascist, which is the union of government and corporations to restrict the rights of citizens. The Twitter Files prove the feds paid social media to censor conservatives — an actual election interference.

The biggest recent sin was luring to the Capitol maybe 500 of the people those who attended President Trump’s rally on the National Mall — some 100,000 attended — to the Capitol where they were set up and called insurrectionists. The Capitol Police mall guards — who number 2,000 — said they were outnumbered by 500 protesters. The only violence was Lieutenant Michael Byrd shooting and killing an unarmed Ashli Babbitt. He was promoted to captain.

But the draconian charges and kangaroo court sentences are mind-blowing. They went after people who were not even in Washington that day.

AP said, “More than 1,000 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Jan. 6 riot. More than 600 of them have pleaded guilty or been convicted after trials decided by a jury or judge. About 600 have been sentenced, with over half getting terms of imprisonment ranging from three days to 18 years.”

About half the people charged were not even in Washington.

When Democrats invaded the Senate offices to protest the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Capitol mall cops gave Amy Schumer and others the choice of being arrested. Knowing she would never do any time, she virtue signaled and said yes.

But the FBI is only one of the agencies that are out-of-control. The Department of Homeland Security named white supremacists as the No. 1 terrorist threat — not drug lords, not Muslim radicals, not Red China’s spies and certainly not Antifa.

Republican Congressman Greg Steube of Florida called DHS out on this.

He said of a congressional hearing, “Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday failed to name a case of domestic terrorism that his department has referred to the Department of Justice.”

I don’t know if Steube will do anything about it. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has yet to release any of the J6 videotapes after promising to release them all. Some call him Charlie McCarthy but he is more like Mortimer Snerd. Republicans are too busy being nice to Democrats to stand up for their supporters.

And what does being nice get them?

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