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Only after someone was nearly murdered (and may suffer permanent brain damage) does this cocksucker claim he might start investigating antifa and BLM assults.

Schmidt, who is longtime friends with a local antifa radical, added: “My office is coordinating with law enforcement regarding their investigation into this type of assaultive behavior. Assaults and other violent crimes will be prosecuted when the evidence supports such action.”

“Assaultive.” Fucking ignoramus.

Deb Heine points out that the Portland police (and DA) were extremely late to this case — the Police chief was blegging for “tips” on twitter about the identity of the “assaultive” person, days after he’d already been identified by 4chan.

Boy you guys really seem motivated to lock this prick up, huh?

Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli was not impressed.

“Well, now we know how bad it has to get for @tedwheeler and Portland’s do-nothing DA to care,” Cuccinelli tweeted Tuesday morning. “Someone has to just about to get killed. Pathetic.”

Deb Heine drills down on Schmidt’s “old buddy,” the antifa radical demanding an end to all police and prisons.

Note what Schmidt says the criminal justice system is.

It’s no secret that the Portland DA refuses to prosecute violent left-wing agitators, allowing them to return to the street where they can continue to riot night after night.Schmidt, it turns out, is “old buddies” with a notorious antifa radical in Portland who actively campaigns to defund the police, abolish prisons, and enact reparations, the Post Millennial reports.

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