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by Ace

Tucker Carlson hasn’t even lost 5%.

His White House tenure may be over, but Donald Trump is sorely missed by cable news networks.

VIP has previously covered the initial ratings decline Fox News, MSNBC and, most of all, CNN, saw in President Biden’s first week, as the nonstop controversies of the previous administration slowed down.

Our prediction that audiences would perk up for President Trump’s second impeachment trial proved correct. But in the weeks after the trial ended, audiences for CNN have plummeted; MSNBC is seeing about half CNN’s drop, while Fox News is down single digits. While the left-leaning networks may be losing steam without the ability to feed off of Trump being in office, conservative audiences have found new focal points for their concerns.

…Beginning first with total audience, it’s clear that CNN is the network that misses Trump the most. Trump-bashing tirades lack their zip with their protagonist taking on a much lower profile post-election, with “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” and “Anderson Cooper 360” seeing their average audience in the first week of March one-third lower than the first week of December.

Trump is their antagonist, not their protagonist. Garbage-tier.

Some Pie Graphs, minus any pie because Brian Stelter ate them all, show how much CNN is losing through primetime. The first chart shows total ratings, the second chart is the ratings “in the demo” of people aged 25 to 54.

Supposedly that’s where CNN makes up for its total-ratings disadvantage.

But now they’re losing “in the demo” viewers like crazy.

Maybe part of the reason that CNN is losing more than MSNBC is that CNN treated Cuomo as a savior.

Eric Wemple pointed this out to Brian Stelter — after ridiculously claimed that very recent coverage of Cuomo proved that conservative charges that the leftwing media goes easy on Democrats is a “conspiracy theory” (have you noticed, everything the left doesn’t agree with is a “conspiracy theory” now, and NeverTrumpers continue echoing the same claim?) — and Tater refused to even answer.

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