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Kristine Marsh:

As reported earlier today, tech site Gizmodo broke the story of former Facebook employees revealing that the company intentionally and regularly censored conservative news stories on it’s social media site. The confirmation of long speculated rumors about Facebook’s anti-conservative bias should’ve been a major news story but it was only covered by CNN and Fox News Channel. All three networks ignored the story on Monday night’s evening news broadcast.

In case you were wondering what was more important than this story, ABC’s World News Tonight Monday spent an entire segment on a “new weapon against anti-aging” asking, “Have scientists found face-lift in a bottle?”

At least cable news covered the story. As seen in the partial video clip below, CNN’s Jake Tapper did a full report on the story as well as Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren and Bret Baier.

The full transcript from the segment on The Lead with Jake Tapper May 9 follows.

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